16/11/2015 12:12 GMT | Updated 16/11/2015 12:59 GMT

17 Things You Learn As A New Parent, Comedian Ryan Swain Shares His Insight As A Father Of Twins

When you become a parent you embark on a steep learning curve.

Very little in life is as it was before, as comedian Ryan Swain learned when he became a dad to identical twin girls in 2014.

dad holding twin babies

When you have twins you gain the ability to text with your feet

Swain decided to put his new found learnings into a short video called, Funny Truths Most Parents Can Relate To.

Some highlights include: "You wish your bank balance could refill as quickly as your laundry basket seems to."

"You'll make yourself a nice warm cup of tea and by the time you finally get to drink it it's been microwaved five times."

And: "When you have a baby you learn to do all kinds of things that you didn't realise you could do. As a father of twins I know from self experience I can feed two babies at once and still send a text by using my feet. So much for men not being able to multitask."


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Swain has previously vlogged about all the question parents of twins are sick of being asked.

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