UCAS Urged To Include Overseas Universities On Applications For Students Wanting To Study Abroad

Four people indoors. Focus is on foreground, on a smiling woman drawing.
Four people indoors. Focus is on foreground, on a smiling woman drawing.
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Students and teachers are urging UCAS to include international universities in their application process to help encourage students to study abroad.

More than three quarters of headteachers feel UCAS should offer information regarding overseas courses, according to a survey conducted by the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference.

The group, which represents 270 of the UK's top fee-paying schools, suggested that 50% of their students would consider studying abroad, compared with 35% a year ago, but were put off due to a lack of resources.

There has been a rise in UK students moving abroad for their studies according to the British Council as figures rose to 28,640, compared with 18,101 in 2012-2013.

In the 2013-14 academic year, America saw an 8% rise in British students studying there - the biggest rise in more than a decade. Overall there are now 10,191 UK students completing their studies in the States, according to a survey conducted by Maastricht University. The institution found more than 400 British students were enrolled, a 150% increase in three years.

Whilst there has been a sharp increase in the number of students attending overseas universities, this amounts to a small fraction of places overall.

Pippa Ischt, a final year student at the University of Westminster, told HuffPost UK: "It might be difficult when it comes to fees but I think it would be good.

"Overseas universities have more opportunity to come here it seems, so I think we should do the same".

Fellow student Alice Marshall added: "It would give us the opportunity to experience new cultures too".

Kingston University student Megan White, meanwhile, feels there is not enough support for students who want to venture further afield. White, who is trying to apply for MA in Paris, says "there's so little information it's ridiculous".

A spokesperson for UCAS responded to claims they were not doing enough, telling HuffPost UK: "UCAS is aware that increasing numbers of UK students are interested in exploring the options for studying at a university outside of the UK.

"UCAS' services are already open to European higher education providers and we carry information about study abroad opportunities on".

They added: "We are currently considering whether more information should be provided about studying outside the UK".

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