Nigella Lawson Serves Up An Interesting Take On A Caesar Salad And Viewers Are NOT Impressed

Nigella Lawson’s new show got viewers in all of a tizz earlier this month with her avocado on toast recipe, and now she's done it again.


The TV chef caused a stir as she presented her take on a Caesar salad on Monday (16 November) night’s edition of her show ‘Simply Nigella’.

Nigella Lawson

And while the well-known dish is traditionally made up of fresh lettuce leaves, croutons, chicken, anchovies, Parmesan shavings and a white dressing, Nigella’s version was rather different.

She served up half a baked lettuce, sprinkled with anchovies and a fried egg on top, complete with a piece of toast.

Nigella's *interesting* version of a Caesar salad

Needless to say fans were not impressed, and the recipe caused quite a stir on Twitter.

Nigella’s latest bizarre concoction comes just weeks after she was criticised for serving up avocado on toast on the show, which proved somewhat too pared down for some appetites.

‘Simply Nigella’ continues next Monday at 8.30pm on BBC Two.

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