Vogue Wants You To Start A 'Pre-Festive Cleanse', To Make Up For Holiday Season Indulgence Ahead Of Time

Vogue Wants You To Start A 'Pre-Festive Cleanse' And People Aren't Happy
unhappy woman sitting next to christmas tree
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unhappy woman sitting next to christmas tree

Vogue have well and truly rained on the Christmas parade, by suggesting its readers go on a cleanse before the holiday season arrives - and Twitter are far from happy about it.

The article, titled 'Why You Should Start Your Post-Thanksgiving Detox Now', explores the idea of trying a 'pre-festive cleanse' to set up good habits to help resist temptation, rather than self-flagellating in January.

"Each holiday season, a devil-may-care approach to gorging on sweetcakes and wine in December lands me in an ineffective, guilt-riddled cleanse come January," writes Monica Kim.

Kim hits up nutritionist Dana James, who suggests a diet plan that is free from dairy, gluten and sugar, and compiled of 75% plants and 25% protein.

Kim says James' plan is "more generous than most", as it allows caffeine and two glasses of alcohol per week. That's two glasses, not bottles, BTW.

Generous indeed.

The piece goes on to recommend cold-pressed juices to curb cravings and exercise, such as yoga, to help maintain focus.

Granted the piece ends by conceding to the 'Everything In Moderation' school of thought, by accepting that there's nothing wrong with giving into temptation every now and again.

Twitter, however, are not in a forgiving mood.

What do you think of the idea of a 'pre-festive cleanse'? Let us know in the comments below.

*Eats all the mince pies*