Watch Six Young People Implore Their Governments To Tackle Climate Change #CallOnCOP

Young people from around the world are imploring their heads of state to tackle climate change in a series of video messages filmed for the run up to the COP21.

At the One Young World summit, young leaders from every country in the world addressed their governments on YouTube two weeks before the Paris Climate Conference. The 'Call On COP' campaign is in response to the fact 20 years of UN climate negotiations have failed to produce a legally binding and universal agreement on climate change - something which Kofi Annan has urged countries to do when they meet in Paris.

Small island countries such as the Marshall Islands face disappearing underwater completely if drastic action is not taken to combat global warming.

Former UN general secretary Annan joined Bob Geldof to launch the campaign, and they were soon followed by youths who are similarly desperate to see heads of countries enact a positive change.

One Young World is a global forum for young leaders aged 18-30 which gathers youths from every nation in the world to develop solutions to some of today's - and tomorrow's - most pressing issues.