Hasbro's Robotic Cat Unveiled As New Companion Pet For The Elderly

This Creepy Robocat Wants To Be A Companion For The Elderly

A creepy robotic cat is now being touted as a companion for elderly people who would like to have pet without the fuss of having to deal with a real animal.

The bot responds to touch and movement, like a real feline would, and comes in three different colours: white, orange tabby and silver.

Dubbed the Joy For All Companion Pet, Hasbro, the company behind the robocat, is selling the mechanical creature for $99.99 (£65).

Built-in sensors allow the robopet to perform various cat-like actions. Petting it continuously, for example, will cause it to roll on its back for a belly rub.

Powered by batteries, the cat also makes purring sounds and meows, while also falling asleep if left alone for too long. Owners can however, awaken the sleeping machine simply by moving near it.

"We believe that the power of play can bring joy to people at all stages of life, and we've heard from our friends, fans, and consumers that some of our toys and games are especially appealing to seniors and enhance meaningful interactions with their loved ones," Hasbro stated on its site.


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