23/11/2015 05:05 GMT

Dad Lets Daughter Wear Hair However She Wants, Sparks Unexpected Conversation About Parenting

A dad who let his daughter wear her hair however she likes has prompted an unexpected conversation about parenting techniques on Reddit.

The photo of the girl with her hair gelled into a ponytail that stands straight up from her head was posted by Reddit user Bimby1.

The caption read: "Her dad said: 'I let her wear her hair whatever way she wants. Fuck the haters, man'."

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While some people commenting questioned the practicality of the hair do, arguing the girl wouldn't be able to get inside a car, others dug a bit deeper into the question of parenting techniques.

One person said allowing your children to "do what they want" is how they learn about life.

However others believed you have to teach your kids how to act in public, and that doesn't include crazy hair.

And then it all got a bit serious.


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