Ed Miliband Burned By BBC Presenter Jim Naughtie For 'Crashing' Labour Car


Ed Miliband popped up on the Today programme on Monday morning and was asked whether Jeremy Corbyn, his successor as Labour leader, was suited to being prime minister. "Of course," Miliband replied. It was a question Angele Eagle, the shadow first secretary of state, repeatedly dodged on Sunday.

However Miliband told presenter Jim Naughtie he was not going to provide a "running commentary" on Corbyn's leadership.

He said: "Let me just make this point, I'm not going to be a backseat driver."

Naughtie jumped in: "Having crashed the car it's difficult to do that... "

Miliband replied simply: "Thanks."

21 May 2014

Ed Miliband's Sexpot Evolution

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