People Are Tying Coats Around Lamp Posts For Homeless People And Leaving Sweet Notes

If you see a coat tied around a lamp post while you're out and about this winter, it's likely to have been put there for a very good cause.

People have been leaving coats attached to lamp posts and railings for homeless people to help them survive the cold weather.

The movement was started by Andrea Lisa Robson, from Sunderland, who posted a photo of a coat she had donated onto Facebook.

Robson's Facebook post has been shared almost 4,000 times, with many people vowing to follow her lead and donate warm items to homeless people.

In the post Robson said: "As promised I have hung an old coat in Sunderland interchange this morning free to anyone who is cold this winter."

She left the coat with a note reading: "I am not lost, if you're cold tonight take this warm hug from us."

Others have since followed Robson's lead, including Davina Canning‎.

"Inspired by a wonderful lady - Andrea Lisa Robson. I thought I'd follow your example. Thank you for showing me there are decent people in this world. Let's not allow anyone to freeze this winter," she wrote on Facebook.

Robson has since set up the Facebook page Project New, to help raise awareness of homelessness in the northeast of England.

She is calling for donations of coats, hats and scarfs and volunteers to help distribute them.

Homelessness in London

Homelessness In London