24/11/2015 12:18 GMT | Updated 24/11/2015 12:59 GMT

Men Reveal The Ways They Ignore Gender Stereotypes In Amusing Reddit Thread

Men of Reddit have spoken out about the ways they completely ignore gender stereotypes, challenging tired expectations simply by doing whatever they please.

While the concept of masculinity has changed massively over the past 50 years, mens' behaviour continues to be guided by what is considered manly - and what isn't.

A thread on Reddit sought to explore the topic by asking, "Grown-ass men of Reddit, what is the girliest thing you do?"


Crafts like knitting see men ignore age-old stereotypes

Here are some of the ways men look beyond the confines of 'manliness'...

"Dope ass bath bombs from Lush"

"The man way which is uncomfortable"

"F*ck you, beanies and scarves are awesome"

"I like to color pictures of butterflies and animals with glitter pens at work"

"My hobby is ballet, But I'm not a big fan of the male dancing"

"My husband loves to do my hair"

"I paint and do my daughter's nails"

"I get pedicures with my mom"

"I love a good sit down pee"

"Conditioning beard hair"

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