Edgware Road Cyclist And Black Cab Collide, Set Off Furious Row Over Who Was In The Wrong

Settling The Bitter Row Between Cyclists And Cabbies Over This Video...

A row has erupted between cyclists and drivers after footage emerged showing the moment a taxi and bike rider collided at a junction on Edgware Road in central London.

The video, uploaded on Sunday, shows the black cab coming into contact with the 'undertaking' cyclist's right leg as the vehicle begins to make a left turn, knocking the rider onto the road.

Battles are now formulating on both sides, with some claiming the taxi driver was too late to signal and others commenting that the cyclist shouldn't have undertaken a turning car:

Despite the raging argument about the accident, believed to have occurred in May, the DVSA, TFL, Metropolitan Police, British Transport Police and the British School of Motoring, all refused an invitation from The Huffington Post UK to pass judgement on whether the Highway Code was broken.

It's now up to you to decide:


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