How To Help Your Pregnant Partner: New Dads Reveal Five Ways They Supported Their Partners During Pregnancy

Four fathers have revealed how they supported their partners - emotionally and practically - throughout pregnancy.

Greg, Tommy, Sheldon and Alex, who are all new dads, drew on their own experiences to share the following five pieces of advice on how to support a woman through pregnancy.

"Massages go a long way, too"

1. Treat it as if you're pregnant as well.

"It was really easy and helpful for me to get stuck in and treat it as if I was pregnant, then go through the stages every step together," Tommy explained.

"Read the same books, do the same research. It comforted my partner because we both knew how she felt and what she had to expect."

2. Do more than your fair share around the house.

Taking on responsibilities your partner might usually do was another point the dads agreed on.

"I did things to keep her off her feet," Sheldon said. "I took on more cooking, held her hair back when she was sick, didn't let her do the chores."

Alex agreed, adding: "Pregnancy completely wiped my wife off her feet. She was tired all day, so I did the cooking too and the dishes.

"You just help out as much as you can."

3. Attend all medical check-ups.

All dads agreed attending their partner's appointments was a huge help.

"It can be really nerve-wracking going to those check-ups," Greg said.

"My partner was always concerned about the baby, so always being there and being relaxed about what was happening for her worked for me."

4. Prepare for the arrival.

Alex said creating a birth plan with his partner and making preparations for the arrival enabled her to relax a little bit.

He said beginning to build the baby's nursery, as well as planning for the baby's first day home was exciting and comforting for them both.

5. A massage goes a mile.

"Oh, and you get brownie points too," added Sheldon.

Watch the video above to hear the dads go into more detail about how they helped their partners.

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