'Karun: Misadventures On Iran's Longest River' Latest Of These Fascinating Documentaries On The World's Water Ways

Time To Rethink Everything You Knew About Iran...

Two British filmmakers are hoping to reverse centuries-old prejudices against the Islamic Republic of Iran with their new adventure film 'Karun: Misadventures on Iran's Longest River'.

Following the film's premiere at the Royal Geographical Society and its winning a People's Choice Award in Edinburgh, audiences can now set up their own screening of the film locally, and find more information on how to do that here.

Tom and Leon found all their preconceptions about Iran and its people confounded by their trip

Tom Allen, 32, of Northamptonshire, and Leon McCarron, 29, of County Derry, travelled by human-powered means through the mountainous south-western region of Iran, finishing their six-week journey at the Iraq border near the Persian Gulf. In contrast with the typical portrayal of the Middle Eastern nation, both Allen and McCarron were overwhelmed by the welcome they received from local Iranians they met, reinforcing the country’s long-standing reputation among intrepid travellers for hospitality.

Rather than use public transport or join a guided tour, Allen and McCarron decided to travel independently, travelling by foot, bicycle and inflatable kayak, and using the course of Iran’s longest river – the Karun – to inform their route.

In the film, the pair aim to go beyond the politics and explore the culture and geography of this most misunderstood of nations – and have a great adventure doing so. The film also aims to challenge western perceptions of Iran and to show the friendly people, the beautiful scenery and its diverse, ever changing climate.

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Karun: Misadventures On Iran’s Longest River is digitally available worldwide via http://karunfilm.com/


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