Why Do We Wax? One Woman Found Out The Truth...

Truth Be Told: Why Do We Wax?

Caitlin Moran is an outspoken advocate of the full female bush. Gwyneth Paltrow went on record to say a Brazilian wax changed her life - hair removal is one hot topic.

But there's one particular element of the process that people are less likely to discuss: the reasons why they do it.

This new video from Refinery29 sees a beauty editor take a look at what's up with waxing - talking to the general public, feminists, psychologists and even pubic hair oil creators.

Did you know the 'sugaring' method of waxing was invented 4,000 years ago, and that way back in the Roman Empire pubic hair was considered uncivilised?

Or that the reason many women wax is because they feel they will be judged by men, who've grown up expecting women to be completely hairless thanks to porn?

Watch the short film above for a fascinating insight into why we're all so obsessed with hair removal.


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