26/11/2015 11:40 GMT | Updated 26/11/2015 11:59 GMT

British Transport Police Find Spy Camera Hidden In Manchester ATM

A scamming device, hidden at an ATM in Manchester, has prompted the British Transport Police to warn users to stay watchful.

The pinhole spy camera was covered by a grey tile and positioned above the keypad giving thieves free access to pin numbers.

Scammers also installed a fake card slot over the real slot, which was reportedly discovered by a cash machine user on November 7.

This not the first time police have had to issue a warning about ATM scams in the area.

Earlier this month, officers in Manchester warned locals to stay vigilant, tweeting:“Out at night & using an ATM? Be aware and shield your PIN.”


Speaking to the Manchester Evening News, DC Mike Dermody, of British Transport Police, said: "We would urge anyone using ATMs to be vigilant and check for anything suspicious and report it to police immediately, similarly if they see anyone behaving suspiciously around cash machines.

"Skimming devices read card details without the users knowledge and are usually placed in the area where the card is inserted."

According to a blog from Krebs on Security, one of the easiest ways to foil a scam is to cover your hand as you enter your digital code. Seems simple enough but apparently not enough of us do it.