College Says Sorry For 'How Many Depressed People Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb' Mental Health Test

College Says Sorry For Making Students Sit Mental Health Test
Medical student at computer
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A college has apologised for making its students sit a mental health test which included the question: "How many depressed people does it take to change a lightbulb?"

Bournemouth and Poole College told pupils on the hair and beauty course to take the online multiple choice test, which it said was intended to raise awareness of mental health issues.

The answers available to the lightbulb question were one, two, 10 or "it doesn't matter 'cos when you're depressed it's always dark", according to the Telegraph.

One student told the Bournemouth Echo: "I don't suffer from mental health problems personally but I know one my friends on the course suffers with depression and she was really upset by the test.

"There was no explanation as to why the questions were worded in such a way. We were just told to complete it.

"Mental health is an extremely important subject that has a lot of stigma attached to it and to word the questions and answers in this way was just really naive of the college, if not extremely offensive."

Pupils also had to decide whether the statement "people harm themselves for a laugh - to get attention" was true or false.

A spokesman for the college said: "A student came to us on Wednesday, November 18, alerting us to the content of an online learning resource.

"We have since reviewed its contents and in-line with the college's values we have withdrawn it from our virtual learning environment.

"We apologise unreservedly for any offence the programme may have caused. The test was supplied to us by a national organisation which specialises in the provision of interactive e-learning and e-assessment for colleges, schools, universities and local authorities."


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