Paris Attacks: Russian Company Makes Dog Armour After French Police Dog Diesel Killed On Duty

Russian Company Makes Dog Armour After French Police Dog Diesel Killed On Duty

A Russian company has designed body armour to keep terror-sniffing police dogs safe after French police dog Diesel was killed during a raid in Paris following the November 13 terror attacks.

In a newly released video a Russian dog handler demonstrates how the so-called 'Nord body armour' works. The safety vest consists of two parts, protecting both the dog's neck and chest. Additional armour is also available to protect a dogs' legs and head.

Vladimir Khitrykh explains: "At first, of course, the dog did not like the vest. Then gradually she realised that it was for her own good and protection.

Russia has unveiled some new body armour for police dogs

"We taught her with the help of incentives. We can put the armoured vest on the dog in just one minute."

The armour has reportedly been designed by St. Petersburg-based Scientific Production Association of Special Materials, which was formed during the days of the Soviet Union as a specialist armoured materials laboratory.

The new armour comes as Paris accepted a new puppy donated by Russia as a replacement for Diesel, the police dog killed when the police raided Paris hide out of terrorist ringleader Abdelhamid Abaaoud.

The puppy, called Dobrynia, was been sent to Paris by the Russian government to help "in the fight against terrorism".

It will be trained up to continue to vital work that Diesel, a seven-year-old Belgian shepherd, was doing when she died.


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