'The Bridge' Episodes 3 And 4 Review: Saga Has A Very Bad Day, But Her Partnership With Henrik Is Evolving...

This wasn't a good day for poor Saga - the news of her estranged father's death, swiftly followed by the gruesome discovery of her boss and arguably only friend Hans Petterson.

This week's double bill gave us the usual plentiful offering of twists and double-backs, as the investigation into the clownish killings expanded into The Bridge's customary strata of the highest and darkest elements of Malmo and Copenhagen society.

Lukas demonstrated psychopathic tendencies, but clearly too early in the series to be the ultimate villain

But running through the story like the Oresund Strait - yes, that is a newly discovered piece of geography - was the theme of family, whether it was Morten Anker's 'brother', the man he blamed with his dying breath, Henrik's baffling domestic agreement with his strangely understanding wife, or Saga's own personal disaster with the remaining strands of her fractured past. And now, the nearest Saga had to a family of her own was lying in a coma in a hospital bed. Her scene with Lillian by his bedside made for strangely moving drama in the middle of all this crime, with pent-up emotion always threatening to crack through Saga's pinched face, feelings hard-earnt but palpably felt.

I'm enjoying her blossoming partnership with the equally flawed Henrik, although I can understand why 'Wiki' would begin to grate after the third hour. There is a vitality to his treatment of Saga, similar to Martin but without the Labrador-eyed fondness. Although I'm not sure their joint exit from the singles night can end happily…

Elsewhere, Lukas Strenstrup is shaping up to be a proper psychopath with that chilling game of Russian roulette bluff, even if devotion to previous series should probably warn us he's emerged too early in the mix to be anything other than an hors d'oeuvre villain. Same surely goes for that racist vlogger - NOT blogger! - and her uncurious husband, even if they deserve some sort of comeuppance.

Saga and Henrik's relationship is evolving

Talking of relationships that can't end well, in true 'Bridge' style, we have another highly-powered woman in housing corp CEO Anna making terrible romantic choices - your best friend's seventeen-year-old son… of course!

I couldn't wait for Anna's indomitable mother to find out, and I also enjoyed the scene with the same strong-willed lady directing her daughter through a photo shoot. "More warmth, but without losing your power." I'm crossing my fingers that we'll get to see her trying that same line out on Saga. Hmmm, good luck with that!

The Bridge Series 3

The Bridge Series 3