The Bridge

Writer of 'The Bridge' and 'Marcella' explains why female coppers are easier to write.
‘The Bridge’ writer Hans Rosenfeldt has already given too much away about the fourth series, he reckons. “There was a rumour
The return of Saga Noren and her colleague Henrik is looking likely.
Fans of ‘The Bridge’ will be cheered by news that Swedish writer Hans Rosenfeldt has all but revealed there will indeed be
It turns out the one person not worried about Kim Bodnia’s abrupt departure from ‘The Bridge’ was the actor drafted in at
'The Bridge' reached its crashing finale this weekend, with enough surprise, shock and anguish for every character to fill
If it's Christmas in Sweden, someone just failed to get the memo in 'The Bridge', leaving a man with a hat - but no brain
Well, in two short hours, 'The Bridge' successfully turned everything we'd assumed on its head, with this series now proving
This wasn't a good day for poor Saga - the news of her estranged father's death, swiftly followed by the gruesome discovery
Finally... Nordic Noir fans have been holding their breath for over a year, and now they can relax. 'The Bridge' is back