The Children Of People Killed In The 9/11 Attacks Have Made An Emotional Video For The Paris Attack Survivors

Following the horrific attacks on Paris earlier this month, four people who lost their parents in 9/11 have sent a joint message of support to survivors of the tragedy.

The news site Vox has uploaded a video showing the children of 9/11 victims offering advice to others.

The heart-wrenching video features sons and daughters looking back on their own experiences from the attack on the the World Trade Centre by the terrorist group al-Qaeda which caused the deaths of 2,996 people and injured more than 6,000 others in 2001.

The four featured in the video are Joseph Palombo, who is now 26, and was 12 at the time of the 9/11 attacks; Francesca Picerno now 23, who was nine; Terrease Aiken, now 22, who was eight; and Juliette Candela, now 21, who was just six years old.

"You should never be afraid of any terrorist because I'm telling you the terrorists are more afraid than you are", said Francesca.

In response to the Paris massacre they told survivors not to live in fear and make the most of life, despite the recent events.

"You mean so much to society and you're so valuable," Joseph said. "For you to be happy is just what everybody wants to see and will give everyone hope. I think that's just the best attack you can have on a terrorist, to smile, to show your teeth and just to love life."

On November 13 ISIS launched a number of offensives across the French capital which killed 130 civilians. Three suicide bombers hit an area outside the Stade de France, followed by more suicide bombers and mass shootings at cafes and restaurants. The Bataclan standoff, where a concert was taking place, became the most infamous as hostages inside the building live tweeted their distress.

On Friday France held a memorial service in honour of the 130 killed which was attended by around 1,000 people. A minutes silence was carried out in respect and a list of the deceased read out. Around the world a number of silences have also been observed, including at the friendly France V England match at Wembley.