Monster Sprouts The Size Of Golf Balls Will Be Gracing Your Dinner Plate This Christmas

If you like big sprouts and you cannot lie, then we've got some epic news for you: this year, Brussels sprouts are bigger than ever.

Yes, your Christmas dinner is going to be home to some absolute whoppers.

The huge sprouts are twice as big as normal, weighing up to 35g and measuring 4cm wide - they've been likened to golf balls.

Sprout farmer John Clappison, from Beverley in Yorkshire, told Sky News: "We've had lots of lovely sun this summer, plenty of rain and then we've had a nice mild autumn and the crop has grown really, really well."

To cook the super-size sprouts, experts suggest chopping them in half and either boiling them or roasting them.

For those who are concerned about the levels of flatulence after eating the monster sprouts, let's just say you might be releasing some monster gases later.

According to Dr Christian Jessen, sprouts cause the bacteria in your gut to "break down the sprout materials" and produce vast quantities of methane. This then results in super smelly farts.

Best get the air freshener in too...

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