Cher Isis Twitter Rant Shows The World How Not To Use Emojis


International mega-star Cher has proved her emoji game is somewhat questionable, after over-using the symbols to lambast the so-called Islamic State.

The award-winning singer intended to issue her support for plans to tighten visa waivers in America in the wake of the Paris terror attacks on Monday, but things didn't go to plan.

She wrote:

Here's a quick translation, sans-emoji: "Visa waiver not safe for America, we are at war with people who want to come to America; kill American's, why make it easy?! Also, if people go to Isis to knife, bomb (kill) let them stay with Isis."

Rather than put critics of the new visa rules to rights, however, she ended up causing a vitriolic backlash, apparently disappointing many of her followers.

As it quickly became apparent that the social network's 140 character limit probably isn't conducive to her verbose opinions on the matter, Cher issued a series of apologies and explanations.

She also showed the world how to use the 'screw' emoji.

The new policies will include capturing more information about whether people attempting to travel via the visa waiver program had previously traveled to certain countries with terrorist presence.

Those opposed believe these rules will unfairly target those travelling to the states from Islamic countries, regardless of the threat of terror links.

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