Watch Leave.eu Video Spoofing 'Foreign Johnnies' Who 'End Up In Pieces' Thanks To UK Military Action

Leave.EU have taken down a spoof video which jokes about “foreign johnnies” who “end up in pieces” thanks to UK military action overseas.

The video, which the anti-EU group claim was produced months ago, says people in the Middle East say “jolly good show for liberating their countries from stability and unsightly high-rise buildings.”

Produced in the style of wartime newsreel, the video refers to Ireland as ‘The Balkans’, Saudi Arabia as ‘Middle East Land’ and Iraq as ‘F*!k Knows!’.

A spokesman for Leave.eu said: “It’s an old video from round about the General Election. As soon as we realised it was still up we took it down.

“We recognised that the issue of Isis and Syria is far too complicated for such a video.”

Despite the claim the video was produced “round about the General Election”, the Leave.eu logo appears at the beginning and end of the film.

The organisation was originally launched as The Know campaign after the General Election.

It rebranded as Leave.eu in September after the Electoral Commission announced the options on the EU referendum ballot paper would be ‘remain’ or ‘leave’.

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