Graphic Video Shows Cyst On Man's Testicles Being Popped (Warning: It'll Make You Gag)

Graphic Video Shows Surgeons Popping Cyst On Man's Testicles

Ladies and gentlemen (but mainly gentlemen), brace yourselves. This may be one of the grossest videos you've seen in a while.

A man has had a huge cyst on his testicles popped - using a laser - and the footage is not for the faint-hearted.

The video above is, according to a colleague, reminiscent of the moment you open out the middle of a cooked jacket potato. And we're inclined to agree.

The lump is known as a sebaceous cyst, often caused by swollen hair follicles.

"They are lumps that move freely under the skin, grow slowly and cause no pain," reads the video's caption.

The cysts can, however, become infected which can result in skin redness, pain and oozing a greyish cottage-cheese like pus.

Doctors used a Lotus II laser to pop and drain the cyst. According to surgeons, the procedure is "completely painless and leaves no scar".

It might not have left a scar on his balls, but we're emotionally scarred for life.