Woman Fills Box With Items For The Homeless Each Day, Sparks Alternative Advent Calendar Trend

A Facebook user has inspired others to create homemade advent calendars that will help homeless people this Christmas.

Louise Scott, from South Shields, posted a status saying she was not going to buy a traditional, chocolate-filled advent calendar this December.

Instead she will place a useful item, such as food, in a box each day and take her collection to a homeless shelter on Christmas Eve.

The 33-year-old asked others to share the idea online and "make someone else's Christmas special".

Her status has now been shared more than 62,000 times with many people commenting to say they plan to follow her lead.

Speaking to The Metro, Scott said: "There’s been so much bad news in regards to the Paris attacks, that I thought it would be nice to show people that we do care and there are still lots of loving people around.

"I never dreamed I would get the response I have. I will be getting everyone offering to help to drop stuff at my home just before Christmas Eve, and I will take some boxes around the streets and some to a homeless shelter."

Scott isn't the first person to create an advent calendar that gives back this year.

Julie Van Rosendaal launched the #ReverseAdventCalendar campaign in America last month to encourage members of the public to donate spare goods to food banks throughout December.

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