Women Shut Down Pregnancy Stereotypes With #7MonthsAwesome In Support Of Working Mum-To-Be

Women are proving what they can achieve while seven months pregnant after a mum-to-be had a speech invite retracted because of her "late stage" of pregnancy.

British scientist Dr Samantha Decombel, who was preparing to speak at a conference in at the European Commission, posted an email she received on Instagram which retracted her invite.

The email read: "The European Commission are not very enthusiastic for you to take the risk for your health making you travel to Brussels at such a late stage of pregnancy."

Decombel posted the email with an extract of her response in the caption.

She wrote: "I was invited to speak at this year's conference in Brussels as a young female scientist and entrepreneur, who has set up two companies and raised over £1 million in funding and grants to support the research around our ideas.

"As I am sure you are aware, one of the key hurdles facing many women in science and entrepreneurship is the desire to start a family, and how this will fit in with their career plans.

"Turning away a pregnant speaker, who is in excellent health and has voluntarily agreed to travel to voice her opinions at this event seems to me to be the perfect demonstration of why this is still such an issue for many, and the absolute opposite of what I would hope the European Commission would want to convey."

Decombel added that she hoped they would reconsider their decision to withdraw her speech.

She never received a reply.

As the NHS states, it is safe to fly while pregnant although some airlines will not let you fly after 36 weeks.

Decombel was no further along than 30 weeks.

The photo prompted other pregnant women to disprove stereotypes about pregnant woman by showing what they can do at seven months pregnant.

Teach Zumba

Work a national conference

Re-model the house

Mentor students

Conduct fieldwork in Peru

Speak at the White House

Test anti-viral drugs in a lab

Co-present a youth group

One mum perfectly summed how ridiculous the seven month rule is:

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