Couple Take 2,000 Photos To Create Incredible Pregnancy Time-Lapse Video

Parents Create Beautiful Pregnancy Time-Lapse Video From 2,000 Photos

A couple have made a creative pregnancy time-lapse video using 2,000 photos they took during the nine months.

Mark and Brittany Sherman from America set the scene with different backgrounds during each trimester, as well as documenting their travel from Tanzania to America via Amsterdam.

Among the 2,000 photos include the gender announcement, their baby shower and Brittany packing her bag for hospital.

Grace Evangeline, who was born on 19 October, is the star of the final scene.

The couple told the Mirror: "There were times where we didn't feel like doing it, or the camera was out of focus, or it didn't turn out like we thought - but that's all part of the creative process, and makes it feel much more real and organic."

They said they were determined to finish the video so they could show it to their kids when they grew up.

Brittany added: "Life is precious, and family is incredibly important to us.

"We wanted to show them how much they are loved, how much we thought about them while they were still being knitted together in their mother's womb."

This is the second time the couple have done a time-lapse video when pregnant. Their first was with their daughter Zoey in January 2014, which proved to be a massive hit.

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