Two new studies have shed light on the gender disparities between those blighted by long-term symptoms.
Most people have no idea that before I became a lawyer turned feminist writer and activist, I was a Hooters Girl.
Every time I see my scars in the mirror, I remember I prioritised my happiness over others' discomfort. But for too many trans people, that’s not an option.
Her comments came as it was revealed that the gender pay gap at her department has grown significantly under her leadership.
Transitioning right now doesn’t really feel like transitioning. As long as we’re locked away, being ‘Sophie’ will still feel unreal and inauthentic.
From online forms that only let me define as male or female to waiters calling me ‘sir’, every day I’m reminded of my otherness. Here’s what needs to change.
Queer people aren't accessories to debate – we're human beings, people of flesh and blood.
I’ve briefly forgotten what it’s like to be harassed in public, and now the thought of using men’s toilets seems even worse than before the pandemic.
The coronavirus pandemic has exposed the lies we tell ourselves about gender equality, opinion editor Lucy Pasha-Robinson writes.