A family therapist tells HuffPost UK around 60% of young people treated at their clinic request their pronouns are changed.
"The heteronormative life I’d chosen was largely a big 'f**k you' to my mother. But in my attempt to be different from her, I inadvertently rejected parts of myself."
50% of women said their GP ignored or dismissed their pain.
"My breasts' arrival set me up for a lifetime of sexualisation. It didn’t matter that I was only 13, I was fair game for the wolf whistlers and cat callers alike."
We are 300 years away from gender equality. We don't have time for faux feminism.
HuffPost UK unpicks the row over the new legislation between Rishi Sunak's government and the Scottish parliament.
The data shows that parents often pick traditional names for sons, but choose more experimental names for daughters. We asked experts why.
"It allows me to be myself at work," says cabin crew member Jamie Forsstroem.