How To Make Mulled Wine: Gordon Ramsay's Recipe Adds A Fresh Twist On The Christmas Classic

Mulled wine is a Christmas classic but in the video above, Gordon Ramsay gives it a modern twist by adding lemongrass.

You Will Need:

A piece of muslin cloth (or a new J-cloth)

Red wine

Cardamom pods

Cloves (dried flower buds)

A cinnamon stick

Star anise


Demerara sugar



Stem ginger


1. Start by pouring red wine into a pan and heating it gently.

2. Then, fill a piece of muslin cloth with cardamom pods, cloves (dried flower buds), a cinnamon stick and a couple of star anise.

3. If you want to create mulled wine with an Asian-inspired twist, follow Gordon's lead and add lemongrass to the mix.

4. Once all your spices are in, fold up the muslin cloth and tie tightly.

5. Pop the pile into your wine and add slices of orange and lemon to the mixture.

6. Next, add a tablespoon of Demerara sugar and a few pieces of stem ginger.

7. Finally, add a little ginger syrup and continue to heat the mixture for four or fives minutes. Don't let it boil or your alcohol will evaporate.


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