'I'm A Celebrity' Faces Cruelty Accusations, After Ferne McCann Eats A Live Spider In Bushtucker Trial (VIDEO)

Ferne's Spider-Eating Gets A Mixed Reception From 'I'm A Celeb' Viewers

‘I’m A Celebrity’ is facing criticism from some angry viewers, over Ferne McCann’s final Bushtucker Trial.

Over the years, ‘I’m A Celebrity’ has become notorious for its eating challenges, which have seen its famous contestants chowing down on the likes of kangaroo testicles, crocodile penis and witchetty grubs.

However, Ferne’s challenge has hit a nerve with viewers, as she had to eat a live water spider, in order to win a meal for one of her fellow contestants.

Ferne McCann eats a live spider

While some viewers were disgusted - and others even impressed! - by Ferne’s performance in the task, others have hit out at the show on Twitter, claiming it was cruel for her to have to kill and eat the creature in order to win food for the camp.

However, others praised Ferne’s strength in the task, calling for her to win the show overall.

This isn’t the first time that Ferne’s performance in a Bushtucker Trial has won her praise from viewers, in particular after she took part in the Panic Pit challenge.

The ‘TOWIE’ cast member remained in a tank for eight minutes, in an underground bunker, which was slowly filled with various critters, including a jungle python, which wrapped itself around her head, prompting her to joke: “I’m doing a Britney Spears.”

Ferne ultimately finished in third place in this year’s ‘I’m A Celebrity’, behind Union J singer George Shelley and Vicky Pattison, formerly of ‘Geordie Shore’ and ‘Ex On The Beach’.

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