This London Chip Shop Is Selling Deep-Fried Brussels Sprouts For Christmas

You Can Now Buy Deep-Fried Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are the Marmite of Christmas - either you love them, or you hate them.

But one London chip shop is aiming to convert sprout-haters across the capital by serving up the veggies in a rather different way.

Sutton & Sons in East London will be offering customers the chance to buy deep-fried sprouts throughout the festive period.

A portion of the battered balls will set you back £2.50.

The sprouts are the creation of shop owners Danny and Hana Sutton.

Speaking to The Quirker, Danny said: "I’ve never been a huge fan of Brussels sprouts, so we tried battering them for the Christmas season and they are a great way to get everyone to tuck into those boy scouts."

If you're still unsure about tucking into spouts, the team is also offering a portion of deep-fried mince pies for £3.50. The latter also comes with a dollop of brandy cream.


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