Mini Pizza Slices As A Pizza Topping? The World Is A Beautiful Place

You Can Now Get Mini Pizza Slices As A Pizza Topping Because The World Is A Wonderful Place

We all love pizza. It's inevitable. Pizza is awesome.

But have you ever looked at a nice, hot slice and thought "this just isn't pizza-y enough"?

No, we haven't either. But one pizzeria in New York has decided to turn things up a notch by offering pizza as a topping on their pizza.

"I'll have a slice pizza with slices of pizza please." #HotPizzaOnPizzaAction #meta #pizza #vinnies

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Vinnie's Pizzeria in Brooklyn is well known on social media for their artistic take on the classic pie, as well as their no-nonsense attitude to puns, and now they've released something so wonderful we're thinking about buying plane tickets.

Just look at it. Look how amazingly delicious.


And that's not the only highly original pie offered at the Brooklyn pizzeria.

There's a horde of 'Game Of Thrones' inspired slices:

Pizza tacos...

Pizza burgers...

And even pizza smoothies.



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