Family Sets Up 11-Minute Christmas Dubstep Light Display To Raise Money For Charity

A family from San Antonio, Texas, have dwarfed all competition with their Christmas light display this year.

The Johnson family's epic light show is set to a dubstep mash-up, lasts for a whopping 11 minutes and uses 6,181 Pixels along with up to 500 individual Christmas lights.

All the bright flashing and loud music would probably make them the world's most annoying neighbours if it wasn't all for a good cause. The Johnsons hope to use the show to raise $10,000 for Living Water International, which is helping to bring clean water to everyone in the Central African Republic.

Dad Matt Johnson said the charity angle was all his wife Melissa's idea. "The past several months, all she talks about is clean water and how many kids are dying from a lack of clean water. She's already been wanting to do this and we're just extending it to the light show." he told KENS.

Here's the full 11-minute display, if you can stomach all of it: