Pictures Of Republicans With Guns Edited To Make It Look Like They're Holding Dildos

Someone Is Editing Pictures Of Republicans With Guns To Make It Look Like They're Holding Dildos
Matt Haughey/Twitter

A Photoshop genius has made some excellent use of social media by calling for his followers to send him pictures of Republicans holding guns.

That wasn't difficult to do, since being pictured with a deadly weapon is basically part of application process to join the Republican party.

The reasoning behind Matt Haughey's Twitter call out? Well, he wants to turn those guns into sex toys, of course.

What started out as a quick Twitter joke ended up turning into a Tumblr blog...

"Almost every right wing leader does a photo op at a gun range at one point in their campaigns, and they often are awarded old rifles onstage," Haughey told Mashable.

"But the gun range ones, there's something about them, how Huckabee and Rand Paul act all tough in the shots, like they genuinely think they're badasses for holding these ridiculous assault weapons," he said. "There's something ridiculous in those shots that makes it easy to make light of them."

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