Starbnb Is The Ultimate Holiday Website For Star Wars Fans

Plan Your Holiday In A Galaxy Far Far Away With Starbnb

Thinking of going on holiday next year? Well look no further than Starbnb, the Star Wars-themed holiday home rental site that theoretically lets you rent out everything from Darth Vader's ominous detention centre aboard the Death Star to Jabba The Hut's own palace.

As a crushing blow to many a Star Wars fan, the site's locations are unsurprisingly entirely fictional, but the Airbnb style website is still glorious in its own right.

Picking some of the most iconic locations from the original trilogy, the site gives descriptions, daily rates and even lets disgruntled customers leave reviews.


Locations for the site include:

While some of the locations might sound reasonably harmless we'd probably suggest steering clear of a few, Alderaan Townhomes for example....


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