Texting With A Full Stop Makes You A Terrible Person Study Finds

Do you end your texts with a full stop? Well you're a terrible person, apparently.

Researchers at Binghamton University took 126 undergraduates and presented them with a collection of exchanges. Half were written on paper, and the other half were on a smartphone.

The exchanges consisted of one person asking the other if they would like to go to the cinema. The respondent, keen to go, replied in the affirmative.

Well it turns out, if you're planning on getting back to people with good news, write it in a letter, because the majority of those that saw the text version decided that it was probably a thinly veiled threat.

Ok so it wasn't that bad, but the researchers did find that one word answers via text, that finished with a full stop, will almost certainly be interpreted as being passive aggressive. Or downright aggressive.

It's not that we're just abandoning our respect for correct punctuation but more that the researchers are discovering that we're adapting punctuation for a completely different style of conversing.

Texting in general is a more simplistic, speed-focused form of communication where punctuation isn't just a way of spacing words but of conveying emotion as well.