Christmas Cooking Hacks: How To Make The Perfect Roast

Christmas lunch means high expectations and, often, a very harassed cook. But whether you're a nervous Christmas cooking newbie or a seasoned seasonal chef, we have all the expert hacks you could ever need to make this your best-ever crimbo lunch.

Here's a short selection of some of our favourite tips from our Christmas cooking playlist.


Let's face it, on its own turkey can be white, stringy and just a bit dull. Don't worry - we won't let that happen. Add some sweetness to your bird by inserting two halved onions while roasting.

Roast potatoes

Everyone has their own theories on what makes the perfect roastie. Our advice? Don't salt the potatoes until halfway through their time in the oven. If you season them too soon, the salt will draw out all their water and make them more likely to stick to the tray.


Add three chopped tomatoes to thicken your gravy and give it a gorgeous fresh taste.

Pork stuffing

Grate a Braeburn apple into your stuffing mix to add a sweetness and keep it light.

Mulled wine

Christmas afternoon wouldn't quite be the same without watching your grandma overindulge on the mulled wine. Include some stem ginger for a kick she'll love.

Cranberry sauce

To tell if your cranberries are fresh, drop them onto a hard surface. The higher the bounce, the fresher they are! Include a couple of star anise to give them an aniseed flavour. Make your sauce three or four days in advance and store it in the fridge to allow the flavours to develop.

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