Single Woman's Annual Christmas Cards Are The Funniest Thing You'll See Today

This Single Woman's Annual Christmas Cards Are Comedy Gold

Ladies and gentleman, let us introduce you to our new favourite person: Bridget.

Bridget has been single for the past few years, but that hasn't stopped her from sending personalised Christmas cards to friends and family.

Instead of cuddling up to a partner, Bridget poses with the closest thing to hand, whether that be a wine bottle or a chicken.

On Reddit Bridget's sister, known only as user @macbubs, explains: "I have four sisters. Me and three of my sisters are married. Bridget is not.

"My parents decided it would be awkward to have a Christmas card with just one daughter in it, so they cut Bridget out of their Christmas card (the married siblings all do their own. Except me, I'm lazy).

"So Bridget decided to send her own Christmas cards."

Bridget has been creating her own cards since 2010 and since then, she's nailed it every single year:

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