Astonishing Star Wars Battlefront Mod Makes Video Game Look Like Real Life

Star Wars Battlefront is already one of the best-looking games on the PS4 and indeed any games console this year, so imagine if you will, how face-meltingly good it would look when given a serious upgrade.

Well one die-hard fan has done just that and the results are, well, astonishing.

PC gamer and modding hero Jackfrags took a piece of software called SweetFX and applied it to the already incredible looking game and the results are frankly photorealistic.

When viewed in glorious 4K on a massive television and running at 60fps you'll be hard-pressed to make the distinction between whether what you're seeing is a video game or real life.

With games like Grand Theft Auto V getting the 'real life' treatment it seemed only a matter of time before EA's fan-favourite got the same magic touch.

Sadly you won't be able to actually play this on your own PS4 as we're pretty sure the PC you'd need to make it work costs the same as a small car. Still, it's a glorious vision of what's to come when we inevitably see the arrival of the PS5.