A Birmingham University Student Turned 10p Into £9,000 Betting At The Cheltenham Races

Birmingham Student Won £9,000 After Betting 10p On The Races With His Granddad

Christmas is looking even merrier this year for University of Birmingham student Lewis Sindle, who turned a 10p bet into £9,000 worth of winnings.

Sindle, a 19-year-old who studies Human Biology, made the money by correctly predicting the outcome of six Cheltenham horse races while at a local betting shop with his granddad, John Dickerson.

The student, who is originally from March in Cambridgeshire, told the Peterborough Telegraph he was "shaking with excitement and in desperate need of a glass of water" when he found out he had won £9,177.

The final dividend of £91,774.50 to a stake of £1 set a new record at Cheltenham.

"I just can't believe what happened. My granddad who is my best mate was so proud," Sindle continued.

"He said he had been trying to do something like that all his life and he was just glad he knew someone who had achieved it."

The part-time children's entertainer says he plans on spending the money treating his mum this Christmas.

"My mum Michelle works tirelessly helping my sister on her morning paper round, cleaning at an old folk's home and working in the corner shop.

"Normally I get her chocolate or candles or something like that for Christmas but this year it will be something just a bit bigger."


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