Yodel Says Throwing Christmas Packages Into Delivery Van Is 'Standard Handling' For Client's Workforce

Yodel Actually Believes This Footage Shows 'Standard Handling' Of Xmas Gifts

Footage of Christmas parcels being thrown into a Yodel lorry and then falling onto the road apparently shows "standard handling", according to the delivery company.

The recording, taken by a concerned passerby, shows gift-wrapped packages being tossed between lorries, but a Yodel spokesman claims that no items were damaged.

Yodel said that the handlers worked for one of its clients, not Yodel itself, adding the handling of the packages was standard procedure in its client's warehouse.

But Ben Robinson, who filmed the footage, said he could hear the contents within the boxes moving around.

Yodel said that its "own workforce" are trained not to throw parcels in their care, yet added that the way these parcels were handled was "standard" practice for their client.

A Yodel spokesman said: "We take any allegation of parcels being mishandled very seriously. We have investigated this footage, and found that it shows one of our clients unloading foam cushions and fold out beds onto a Yodel truck.

"No items were damaged and Yodel colleagues were not involved.

"A company director from our client has confirmed that the items were appropriately wrapped and this is standard handling procedure in their warehouse, however we do appreciate the concern this may have caused to the passer-by and thank them for contacting us so that we could investigate.

"Yodel’s own workforce is trained never to throw a parcel in our care."

Although Yodel claimed that the objects being thrown were foam cushions and fold out beds, Robinson disputed this, saying that the video he recorded did not show the full picture and that he still demands answers.

Despite Yodel later stating that the video showed "standard handling" of such goods, when the issue was first raised a spokesman from the delivery company admitted on Twitter that the footage "isn't something we want to see".

Yodel's response on Twitter when the footage was first sent to the company

This is not the first Christmas mishap that Yodel has had.

Yodel had to apologise to customers after announcing that some parcel collections would be delayed by 48 hours because it did not anticipate how much people would order for Christmas.


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