Refreshing Underwear Campaign Features Lingerie Models With Tattoos, Scars And Underarm Hair

Refreshing Lingerie Campaign Features Tattoos, Scars, Underarm Hair

When stripped down to our underwear, most of mere mortals look a damn sight different to the typical lingerie model.

Whether it's protruding pubic hair or a bit of orange peel, real women aren't photoshopped within an inch of their lives and only seen in flattering lighting.

That's why the latest underwear campaign from H&M-owned & Other Stories deserves a round of applause.

Not only are the campaign stars real women - blogger and yoga enthusiast Helin Honung, cellist Kelsey Lu McJunkis, and copywriter Ida Jagerfelt - but they have real bodies too, whether tattoos, scars, birthmarks or even... dare we say it... underarm hair.


Ida Jagerfelt

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