Lingerie Football League UK Is Making Women Angry, Its Founder Explains Why She Set Up 'Scandalous' Matches

Women are lambasting a new "Lingerie football" - where women play in lingerie - in a league which is claiming to promote "equal pay".

Football coaches and Twitter users have spoken out on the issue, some claiming that it "does not set a good impression for young girls."

The LFL UK league is kicking off on the roof of the hotel owned by former Manchester United stars Ryan Giggs, Gary Neville and Phil Neville.

The outfits consist of tight shorts and crop tops

Tracey Halpin, coach of Denton Phoenix girl’s team, said: “I think it is sexist for a number of reasons.

“Why else would men come and watch women play in their lingerie? It wouldn’t be for the reason to watch them play football. You don’t see any men playing football in their underwear. I would say it brings it all backwards.”

Meanwhile the reaction on Twitter was mixed, with some women calling the kits outdated.

And with some men making somewhat predicable comments on appearance of the women.

Despite criticisms its founder, Gemma Hughes, spoke in defence of the sport.

"I’m 23-years-old now and I don’t want to be waiting another 20 years to see women’s football make money from sponsorships. We know this is scandalous, we know it's controversial, but that media attention is what's going to sell tickets.

"All money made is going to be put back into women's football and to the players. This is not about the players looking beautiful or sexy, it’s about women looking like women.

"You only have to look at tennis – the women dress like women and they get same equal pay and similar amount of sponsorship as men," she told the local paper.

The sport launches on December 23 and comes as Former FIFA President Sepp Blatter, who is facing corruption charges, was quoted as saying the women’s game would be more appealing if players wore "tighter shorts".