George Osborne Depicted As Thatcherite Star Wars Fan In Labour MP Nick Brown's Christmas Card

Osborne Stars In Star Wars Xmas Card
paul waugh

Forget Jeremy Corbyn’s snowbike and David Cameron’s unseasonal greetings.

The battle of the political Christmas cards may have been won by former Cabinet minister Nick Brown, with a missive that combines the new Star Wars movie with George Osborne’s Thatcherite policies.

Newcastle East MP Mr Brown, who has developed a reputation over the years of producing Westminster’s funniest cards, also pokes fun at John McDonnell’s Chairman Mao quote and at stories about David Cameron’s love of pigs.

The cover depicts Mr Osborne in front of a portrait of Mrs Thatcher

But it has a dig at the Shadow Chancellor's Mao moment.

And there's a pig-in-a-blanket on the back - a knowing nod to a biography that claimed David Cameron had intimate relations with a pig's head.

The Chancellor meanwhile has opted for self-deprecation, with a specially commissioned cartoon by the Daily Telegraph’s Matt depicting his photo-call penchant for hi-vis jackets and hard-hats.

Mr Brown has in the past got into hot water for other of his Christmas cards.

One year he sent one depicting Rebekah Brooks, a horse and David Cameron, only for the judge in her trial to describe it as

'deeply prejudicial' to her case, adding people should 'know better'.

Another year he ridiculed Nick Clegg's political ambition.

And in another year, he picked up on UKIP's traditional values.


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