Saturday Night Live's Honest Hoverboard Advert Mentions The Fact They're Catching Fire

Finally, An Honest Hoverboard Advert

Christmas is fast approaching, and we've all heard of the hottest toy on the market right now - airboards. Or rather, hoverboards as they're being called even though pedants everywhere will tell you they don't actually hover.

But these things (which are now banned on roads and pavements, therefore pretty useless) have become super popular without even advertising on TV.

Until now. The folks at 'SNL' got together to create an accurate representation of the motorised scooters, showing that they're now literally the hottest toy because they actually explode.

They also went on to reference the fact that major retailers like Amazon, Walmart and Target have all pulled the products over safety fears. Because so many of them have been catching fire.

Yeah, it's starting to look like this might be a gift to avoid this Christmas. But if you really want to get one, here's a guide on how to spot fakes.

And this isn't the first time SNL have enlightened us. Last week they hilariously parodied 'Star Wars' toy adverts by adding a little more honesty.

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