Host Ayo Edebiri also hit the presidential candidate with a question about the Civil War in the "Saturday Night Live" cold open.
The actor unwrapped the "shiny and beautiful" treat in a hilariously suggestive sketch.
The "Ferrari" actor dropped his requests for Kris Kringle as he got behind the piano to read off his Christmas list.
The Aquaman actor discussed his early years and spilled on what movie inspired him to move to Hawaii while hosting Saturday Night Live.
The Anti-Hero singer and the Kansas City Chiefs star made surprise cameos on the season premiere of the live comedy sketch show.
"Gotta support the writers, man," said Davidson as he passed out boxes of pizza to Writers Guild of America members and its supporters.
The White Lotus star said the US president was "livid" about this particular "fact".
Tanya Brown said her sister's death should not be portrayed as a joke.
James Austin Johnson has been lauded as a pitch-perfect impressionist of the ex-president.
“I’m sweating! Beyoncé’s head is wet! This wing is wrecking me,” Rudolph's Beyoncé said during the Saturday Night Live sketch.