Kim Kardashian Launches 'Kimoji': Gives The World Contouring Emojis

Contouring Emojis Now Exist, Thanks To Kim Kardashian

Remember all those times you were approximately three hours late because you were busy drawing a new face on top of your already existing face? There's now a polite way to let everyone know, with just a tap of a button.

That's right, a contouring emoji now exists and obviously Kim Kardashian is behind it.

The reality star has just launched 'Kimoji' - her own emoji keyboard - and you can download it right now in the iPhone app store.

Kimmy K shared a teaser with her 55 million Instagram followers today, giving us all an insight into the things she's typing about (spoiler: there's a lot of n00dz).


Black painted nails

'Lit' and 'Basic' speech bubbles

Kim's 'Married' leather jacket she wore on her wedding day

Naked pregnant Kim


Fancy car

Three people doing headstands

Censored boobs

A chocolate donut with sprinkles



Waist trainer




Red cup

Stripper on a pole

Black heart

A peach covered in cream

Yeezy Boost trainer

Gummi bears


Kim's crying face

A well manicured swearing hand

Just think of all the uses for them: Pregnant Kim? Food baby. Crying Kim? Literally everything. Plus, the app finally puts an end to having to make boobs out of brackets and full stops.

Love her or hate her, you've got to give the woman some credit.

"I'm standing right behind you."

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