Drunk Woman Destroys Family Christmas Tree By Dancing With It In Hilarious Video

Emma Donnell didn't want the fun to end after a recent night out, so when she returned home she started dancing with her Christmas tree.

Unfortunately things took a turn for the worse when the 19-year-old, from Northern Ireland, accidentally fell to the ground still clutching the tree.

Thankfully she was able to see the funny side the next day and posted a video of her escapade onto Twitter along with the caption: "My ma is gonna kill me. Why do I drink?"

The hilarious clip has now been retweeted more than 3,000 times.

Speaking to the Mail Online, Donnell said: "I was out that night in town, I came in about 5am and didn't want the night to end so I carried on.

"I completely forgot I did it until the next morning when I looked at my videos.

"My mum has seen it and she is never trusting me alone again, but she is starting to see the funny side now."

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