Man Finds Ripped Up Christmas Card And Pieces It Back Together, The Message Inside Will Hit You Hard

A man got an unexpected surprise when he discovered a torn up Christmas card on the train.

Reddit user 'burritobattlefield' spotted the ripped up card and pieced it back together to see what had warranted such an angry response.

The message inside was completely unexpected. And it'll make you stop and think hard about your health and happiness this Christmas.

The card, which wasn't addressed to anyone and didn't have a sign-off, read: "Bad things happen to good people sometimes, but it's how you react to these things is what defines you.

"You always have a choice, there are better things ahead for you but it's in your hands, it's your responsibility. Have a happy Christmas.

"Ps. Stop drinking, get help from someone."

'Burritobattlefield' took a photograph of the card and posted it on Reddit. Many internet users flocked to share their thoughts on the card's poignant message, with the majority agreeing that it isn't the best way to deal with someone who has alcohol problems, particularly at Christmas time.

While the card might have been well-meaning, they said it is enough to make an alcoholic hit the bottle "harder".

Reddit user 'cowboy615' wrote: "Previous alcoholic here. Those words would get me in the car headed for the liquor store harder than anything back in my heyday. Understand the ripping of the card most definitely.

"If you want to help someone, talk to them, don't send passive-aggressive notes."

Another person wrote: "Ouch. It looks like the person who send this meant well but reminding someone of their bad habits on Christmas is poor judgment. What is he supposed to do, put it on his fireplace?"

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