Ridiculous Green And Yellow Dot Moving Optical Illusion Makes Viewers 'Blind'

After the phenomenon that was the dress, the internet has found another head-spinning optical illusion.

Introducing, the rotating yellow dots. Ok so it doesn't have as catchy a name but If you stare quite closely at the green dot, you'll notice the yellow dots slowly disappearing.

No, you're not going blind. The phenomenon behind this is known as "motion-induced blindness."

Obviously, the yellow dots do not physically disappear. However, since they surround a stationary green dot, your brain temporarily stops registering them.

In an article published in Nature, 2001, three scientists gave an explanation for why this might be happening.

They said: "Disappearance might reflect a disruption of attentional processing, which shifts the system into a winner-takes-all mode, uncovering the dynamics of competition between object representations within the human visual system."

A year later, further research on this phenomenon explained that our visual system slows down the "rate at which attention can be shifted and competing objects are seen one at a time."

Well, regardless of how long it takes for the yellow dots to disappear, there is nothing that can suppress the rising nauseousness as you watch the dots.